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Recovery Companion 

The first weeks following an individual’s discharge from residential treatment are critical in establishing the foundation needed for long-term meaningful recovery.  A Recovery Companion is often recommended as part of a further plan for optimum recovery formulated by the discharging residential center.

A Recovery Companion is a mentor who supports, guides, motivates and holds accountable an individual transitioning to a life of recovery. The Companion becomes an integral part of the recovering person’s life and typically lives with that person for a period of time. 

The Recovery Companion is focused on the needs and welfare of the recovering individual. The Companion interacts with the recovering individual on a level well beyond simply maintaining chemical and/or behavioral sobriety. The Companion will have a boundaried presence and perspective in partnering with the recovering individual to attain meaningful and lasting change.

The Companion is ready to help the recovering individual meet their obligations which may involve school, business, family life, travel, social situations, attendance at meetings and other matters. 

Recovery Elevated Solutions coordinates with families, treatment facilities, private practice therapists, case managers, interventionists, attorneys, managers or agents and consultants to help the client transition smoothly between the various stages in their recovery. Recovery Elevated Solutions offers customized Recovery Companion services. We believe it is crucial a good “fit” exists between the Companion’s background and skill set and the recovering individual’s presenting clinical, personal and professional profile.

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