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Frustrated family and friends often attempt to change the behavior of the addict in their midst by threatening, cajoling, ostracizing, appeasing, gifting, shunning, loving and endlessly discussing. Such efforts, while well meaning, most often fail to guide a person in crisis toward desperately needed help and admission to an addiction treatment center.

Firm but loving confrontation through a professional Intervention offers the best crisis outcome for the alcoholic, the addict and those who love them. Professional Intervention is considered the first and most critical stage of recovery for addicts and their families. The goal of a successful Intervention is to set the foundation for a meaningful and sustainable long-term recovery for the alcoholic or addict.

According to Vernon Johnson, a pioneer of modern day Intervention, the reason to intervene is that “spontaneous insight” resulting in an alcoholic or addict seeking treatment is impossible.  Johnson recognized that a shift in the direction of the disease of addiction can only occur through a crisis. 

Johnson believed that it is pointless to just wish and hope that the addict recognizes their condition and seeks treatment. He felt it is extremely dangerous to wait until the addict suffers through numerous crises in their lives. A formal Intervention is a planned, deliberate, yet always loving crisis for the addict which can be successfully used to break through the addict’s defenses. It is through Intervention that an addict’s destructive march toward death can be halted.


A Recovery Elevated Solutions Intervention sets in motion a critical process through which the alcoholic or addict gains a much greater chance of receiving help resulting in a successful outcome. We recognize that each case is unique in its presenting pressures and that flexible customization is extremely important to success. Our skilled professional team manages the entire process of the guided Intervention. Intelligent and compassionate use of a crisis situation to break through the addict’s denial, the transition to inpatient treatment and the setting of a foundation for lifelong recovery is the goal of a Recovery Elevated Solutions Intervention.  

From the moment a decision is made to proceed with an Intervention, Recovery Elevated Solutions commences the process of strategic planning and preparation. Competently guiding family, friends and/or employers is critical for success. Intervention is built upon the right balance of love, respect and the reality of each individual case.

Preparation involves selecting appropriate individuals to be involved in the Intervention. Influence and leverage over the addict are the primary drivers determining who will need to be included. The strategically assembled team is then educated about issues important to the Intervention such as the nature of addiction, codependency, denial and rationalization, manipulative behavior and blame.

Concerned individuals often feel a combination of helplessness, anger and fear. People around the alcoholic/addict have been, according to Vernon Johnson, immobilized by the disease of addiction. Johnson states: “Their fears—or even their love—prevented them from taking any action. What they needed to know was that their inaction could have deadly results.”

The successful Intervention will not only result in client admission to treatment, but will also set into place an underlying platform on which the addict can build a lasting recovery. Recovery Elevated Solutions is prepared to guide the troubled addict and his or her loved ones on this path to recovery.

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