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                                            Customized Recovery Support Services

We at Recovery Elevated Solutions have a deeply personal and professional understanding of the nature of addiction, including behavioral addictions, and recovery. Our experience, expertise and relationships within the field of treatment can help facilitate a meaningful and lasting change for the alcoholic, the addict and those who love them. 


If you have found your way to this site you are most likely a relative or close friend of someone in need of help due to alcoholism or addiction. As you attempt to comprehend the actions of the addict in your midst you may be experiencing feelings of frustration, sadness, confusion, anger or despair. You want to help. But how does one best help an alcoholic or addict? 


Acting on good intentions alone may actually sabotage any attempt to help a person in crisis. Experienced, compassionate guidance is crucial to understanding how to intervene before a situation worsens. Often just one caring person steps up, seeks knowledge, and is the catalyst for finding help in a crisis. Proven steps exist for family and friends to follow to optimize chances for the alcoholic or addict to receive help. If you are reading this, the time to act is now.


One size does not fit all when it comes to a loved one’s addiction recovery process. Whether you are in need of a candid and principled Consultation, Intervention, Recovery Companion, Transport Services or Family Coaching, Recovery Elevated Solutions can provide it. We offer an intelligently structured and skillfully executed inclusive process.


Intervention is built upon the right balance of love, respect and the reality of each individual case. Firm but loving confrontation through a professional Intervention offers the best crisis outcome for the alcoholic, the addict and those who love them. The successful Intervention will not only result in client admission to treatment, but will also set into place an underlying platform on which the addict can build a lasting recovery. 


Recovery Companion

A Recovery Companion is a mentor who supports, guides, motivates and holds accountable an individual transitioning to a life of recovery. The Companion interacts with the recovering individual on a level well beyond simply maintaining chemical and/or behavioral sobriety and is often recommended as part of a further plan for optimum recovery.

Transport Services

Transport from one locale to another whether a treatment center, home, hospital or legal facility requires anticipatory planning, skill and expertise. The personal safety and emotional well being of the at-risk traveler are of paramount importance. 

Family Coaching & Recovery Consulting

Immediate family members of the addict, and in some cases entire family systems, often recognize and choose to pursue opportunities for knowledge, healing and growth of their own.

Who We Are

Recovery Elevated Solutions offers hope, help and compassion to those struggling with the problem of addiction and those who love them. We believe the most effective, ethical and clinically viable approach to any transitional support situation involving Intervention, Recovery Companion or Case Management is to treat each case as unique. Our goal is to provide superior customized care to those who seek our advice. 

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.

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